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The wonders of Real Estate.... Use and enjoyment or

Long term ownership with rights of survivor ship?

Which is best for you?

A page dedicated to the articles and discussion of which path is right for you.   It isn't all about equity, wealth and security....  The world is changing and Real Estate Ownership or lack thereof is changing too.

By Jerry A. Cook, Realtor   dre01229261 

A video series exploring quickly the 9 facts you should know, before buying, selling or renting real estate.



1. Owners and renters do this, each month.


2. Property taxes.. who pays them?


3. Property Insurance..why renters pay more


4. Move in costs. If you move more, you pay more.


5. Who files tax returns, who benefits most.


6. Does real estate appreciate equally for owners and renters?

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7. Use and Enjoyment.. isn't there more?

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8. Who decides when to move?

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9. Who can become a 'landlord' easiest?

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In Closing

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Natural Disasters, recessions, Illness's and accidents happen, and they do affect renters and owners equally.

Renters can quickly move, but owners can become landlords, renters don't have assets to levy, owners can create trusts,  renters just don't have to deal with 'property/neighborhood' problems, Owners can buy where there should not be those problems.

But for 'Stability, Security, Creativity, longevity and purpose'  purchasing and living in a home, long term, appears to be the right and smartest choice for the majority of Americans, in this writers opinion.



in Closing  

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